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07/11/2018.- It is estimated that some 1.6 billion people live in inadequate housing and close to 900 million do so in informal settlements both in countries with few resources and in nations with higher incomes.

Some 15 million people are forced to leave their homes every year. Increasingly young people are at risk of homelessness.

The life expectancy of the homeless is between 42-52 years of age, which is about 30 years less than the general population.




en banco24/11/2020.- There has been a 70% increase in the number of homeless people in the EU over the last 10 years.



13/01/2022.- The European Commission estimates that around 800,000 EU citizens are homeless, they live on the streets, in temporary shelters or with family and friends.

Cerca de 800.000 personas viven sin un hogar en la UE tras el grave impacto de la pandemia | Mundua | Naiz




23/12/2021.- 230,000 households across Britain are experiencing homelessness this Christmas and will spend the holidays sleeping rough, in cars or sheds or trapped in unsafe accommodation.


In 2021 more than 1,200 homeless people died in the UK, a 32% increase on the previous year, as cuts in housing, drugs and mental illness services took their toll, according to research.


tent homeless 2 A total of 976 deaths were recorded in 2020, compared to 710 deaths recorded in the 2019 study.

More than 70,000 households across the UK have been made homeless since the start of the pandemic.




08/12/2021.- The latest estimates from the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Wohnungslosenhilfe eV are from 2018. At that time, BAG W (Federal Association for Homeless Help), estimated the number of homeless people at 680,000. Two-thirds of the homeless have German citizenship.


12/10/2022.- There are more than 260,000 homeless people in Germany, according to government statistics.


In January 2022 approximately 178,000 people were homeless in Germany and housed in temporary overnight accommodation facilities, emergency shelters or group housing.




05/11/2020.- According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation France has almost 300,000 homeless people, there are currently 145,000 emergency accommodation places open all year.

535 homeless people died on the streets in 2020.

For the French, life expectancy is 82 years, but not for the homeless who die on average at 49 years of age.

38% of homeless people are women.

It is estimated that there are 4 million people living by force in the house of a third party, or places for which they cannot pay the rent, or places without comfort.




06/01/2023.- There are 100,000 homeless people in Italy, in 2021, according to ISTAT revelations, 38% are foreigners.


09/01/2023.- 387 homeless people who died in Italy during 2022, almost all men, two thirds foreigners and with an average age of 49.




07/14/2021.- There are no exact statistics on the total number of homeless people in Russia, current estimates range from 4.5 million (according to old data) to more than 20 million people.


02/22/2020.- In the city of Omsk, in the heart of Siberia, the temperature can reach 30 degrees below zero in winter. In this Russian city of more than a million inhabitants there are officially 3,500 homeless people (although the number is probably higher) who risk freezing to death in its streets during the harshest months of the year. They survive by sleeping next to heating system pipes.


tent homeless 3 UNITED STATES  


19/03/2021.- In 2020 approximately 580,000 people were experiencing homelessness, indicates the report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. 61% of homeless people were staying in sheltered places, emergency shelters, or transitional housing programs, while 39% were in places without shelter, such as on the street, in abandoned buildings, or in other unprotected places unfit for human habitation.


Each year approximately 13,000 homeless people die in the United States.

The average life expectancy of a homeless person is only 50 years.

39.8% of homeless people are African American.

61% of homeless people are men and boys.




barriopobre07/12/2021.- More than 60 million people live in inadequate housing, built with precarious materials, and lack basic services. It is estimated that the housing deficit affects 100 million people, according to the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in its study "A space for development: housing markets in Latin America and the Caribbean".




07/05/2022.- In the last decade, the number of Brazilians who have been forced to live on the street has grown by 139%. In 2012, the tropical country counted 92,550 homeless; in 2020, there were already 222,000. With 12 million inhabitants, São Paulo is the city that registers the most homeless people: there are at least 66,000, according to the NGO Movimento Estadual da População em Situação de Rua.




16/12/2019.- There are 15 million homeless people in Mexico, according to CEPAL.

In Mexico City alone, more than 7,000 people living on the streets have been detected. If someone does not have rights in this country, it is the homeless human groups, simply because they do not have a home or identity documents, they remain outside of any public policy aimed at the most vulnerable populations.




bombay barrio      INDIA


31/01/2021.- The 2011 Census of India defines "homeless household" as "households not living in census buildings or houses but living outdoors on roads, pavements, under overpasses and stairs, or outdoors in places of worship , mandaps, railway platforms, etc. Approximately four million people in India are homeless.In addition, the 2011 census pegged the number of people residing in urban slums at 65 million. Approximately one in six Indians residing in cities lives in unsanitary slums.


04/12/2021.- It is estimated that 18 million children live on the streets of India.




30/07/2020.- Bangladesh, home to more than 160 million people, five million people live without housing and 124 million live in mud houses and slums.

18/06/2019.- According to the projects of the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), the number of street children was 1.5 million in 2015 and will reach 1.56 million in 2024.




02/07/2020.- There are about 4.5 million homeless people in the Philippines out of a population of about 106 million, according to the statistics office. About 3 million are in Manila.

There are approximately 250,000 homeless children, however that number could be 1 million. Children leave their homes and end up on the streets due to excessive beatings from their parents, poverty or sexual exploitation.

Manila's homeless set to move into more empty homes if official handover delayed | Reuters

 hombre irani



27/07/18.- The latest official statistics show that 19 million homeless Iranians live in slums on the outskirts of major cities. The figure comes from a recent report published by the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, a figure that represents almost 24 percent of the country's population.




12/2021.- It is estimated that there are around 20 million homeless people in Pakistan. That's about 9% of the total population. Most live in temporary accommodation, shelters, slums or on the streets.





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